Sur-ron Light Bee L1E Black (On-road) 2024  from Yorkshire All Terrain Vehicle Ltd4250Yorkshire All Terrain Vehicle Ltd

Sur-ron Light Bee L1E Black (On-road) 2024

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Street legal Road Ready

The LIGHT BEE electric bike by Surron The LBX is an all terrain off road bike and the L1E as awesome as the X but with the inclusion of mud guards lights indicators and registration documents to make this ROAD LEGAL

Wheelies burn outs and jumping all these skills will be easy to accomplish after riding on the Light Bee It can be used by newcomers competition amongst friends parent child interaction and professional training Everyone can enjoy the fun of riding Light Bee

In sports mode the power output up to 7KW and the instantaneous torque of up to 250N m makes the Light Bee X easy to handle Additionally the 19 inch professional off road wheel set is excellent in the abilities of maneuverability and never gets stuck All of these contribute to this electric dirt bikes awesome performance

LIE License needed 8211 CBT Compliant 8211 Bikes come with a certificate of conformity 8211 insurance required

Rated Voltage 60V
Rated Power/Peak Power 3,000W / 6,000W
Transmission Primary belt & 420 drive chain
Weight 47 kg (plus battery)
Battery Range 60 km
Battery 60V 32A Lithium battery with 176 cells
Charging Time 2.5 – 3.5 hours
Max Load 100 kg
Road The 'X' is NOT road legal; the L1E IS road legal in the UK.