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Talaria Sting Off-Road

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Forged for adventure and built for life, Talaria Sting is a lightweight and compact bike frame. Using 6061 aluminium alloy and a superior forging process of 6000 tons of pressure, the frame is qualified to assure you a safe and fun riding experience through even the toughest terrains.

Utilizing high-quality hardware, superb layout, and intelligent programming, the controller enables an extraordinary ability for transient current impact resistance, ultra-anti-interference, high precision EABS voltage discharge, current control, error inspection, and correction. This guarantees to bring the rider a powerful, exciting, and safe riding experience.

The high-efficiency brushless permanent magnet synchronous mid-drive motor, with top-class magnet material and advanced processing, is capable of outputting 34N m peak torque and 284N m peak torque to the rear wheel.

With exquisitely crafted high-accuracy gears, the gearbox runs even quieter and is much more durable than any belt drive system. It's time to say goodbye to that broken belt anxiety.

No license required, top speed of 47 MPH, range is 63 miles, and the battery is 60V 38Ah. 

Attribute Specification
Rated Voltage 60V (DC)
Rated Power/Peak Power 3000w/6000w
Transmission Gearbox + Chain
Weight 7kg
Battery Range 63 Miles*
Battery 60V 38.4A Lithium LG Cells
Charging Time 4 Hours
Max Load 100kg