TYRE 20X11-9 AMBUSH C9309 39M E 4PR TL  from Yorkshire All Terrain Vehicle Ltd80Yorkshire All Terrain Vehicle Ltd

TYRE 20X11-9 AMBUSH C9309 39M E 4PR TL

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Sports tyre ready for all types of cross-country terrains, 4PR reduces roll. Knobs extend across section width for maximum traction and control.Directional front offers predictable cornering with accurate straight-line stability. E-marked road legal.

Tyre Durability:

A tyres durability is designated by the tyre constructions Ply Rating, now referred to as PR. A higher PR number indicates a greater load range.

Pre about 2002, cotton cord fabric layers were used in tyre construction, the actual number of body layers were indicated as plys. The number given was the actual number of ply layers used in the construction of the tyre.

The use of advanced materials such as rayon, nylon and polyester now means the number of actual ply layers can be reduced with no loss of strength or stability to the tyre.

For example; A 6-PR rating does not mean a tyre has 6 layers of body ply layers, rather the 6PR rating indicates that the tyre retains the same strength as having 6 of the older style body ply layers.

Rim Size: 9
Width: 11
Load Rate: 39
Outer Height: 20
PR: 4 PR
Pattern: C9308 Ambush
Speed Rate: M
Use: ATV